About Us

Dave Joyner and AssociatesFor over 50 years, Dave Joyner and Associates has been serving the communications industry as a manufacturers representative. We specialize in infrastructure products and currently represent products such as towers, shelters, enclosures, batteries, T-1 links, custom designed "Stealth" sites, antennas, and amplifiers.

We see ourselves as more than just the average salespeople; rather, we feel that we are solution providers for the carriers (a role that has emerged over time as the carriers call us for help in designing their systems). We are a family owned and operated business. Our coverage area extends from Mississippi to Tennessee, across to the Carolinas, through Alabama and Georgia and the state of Florida. In order to properly service this area, we maintain 2 offices.

Throughout the years, Dave Joyner & Associates has sold products to the growing communications industry. From early HAM radio equipment, two-way radio systems, paging terminals and receivers, antennas, system amplifiers and components through the early days of analog cellular products to the digital systems of today, we have seen it all. This experience provides unparalleled knowledge of the industry as a whole giving us the ability to see where a product can be marketed effectively.

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